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Volunteer Job Descriptions

Volunteer Positions

Team Leads

Provide support and supervision of volunteers in the variety of volunteer positions being staffed. Handle check-in of volunteers, ensure waivers are signed, provide information materials and act as liaison between staffed positions and relieve for breaks as necessary.

Ship Queue

Work on or near the ships providing assistance and information to event attendees and the crew from the ships. Assist in maintaining orderly lines and answering questions.

Youth/Children’s Activities

Provide assistance to TallShips Festival LA 2014 Educational activities. Assist in learning activities with children per the event curriculum.

VIP / Sponsor Liaison

Provide assistance and information in sponsor/VIP tent at the event and during sponsor parties aboard ships. Coordinate with catering staff to ensure tent/ship is maintained, sanitary and stocked with refreshments. Assure sponsors and guests feel welcome at all event-related activities.

Ask Me!

Walk through festival and event grounds assisting event attendees with information on performance times, tours and general event information. Coordinate lost children with communication center and event staff. Provide information on first aid, day sails, attractions and event programming. Have a thorough knowledge of event operations.

Information Center

Assist TallShips Festival LA 2014 Public Relations Director with various duties. Assist with communications between organizers, ships and volunteers. Solve problems and answer questions for event attendees. Have a thorough knowledge of all event operations, times and details.

Party in Paradise Hosts

Sponsor/VIP Party

Assist event staff with greeting attendees, answering questions, problem solving and ensuring event area is safe, sanitary and well maintained.

Transportation Captain:

Coordinate transportation for ship crew on ship errands and business. Requires valid driver’s license.

Ship Liaison

Provide assistance to Tall Ship Captain and crew in acquiring resources from the local area, such as: groceries, laundry facilities, marine parts, local attractions for crew on-leave, transportation coordination and shopping.


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